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Environmental Injury Awareness

Environmental injury awareness examines risks and challenges faced in different environments with different types of hazards, including natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flash floods. Additional discussion topics include:
  • Adverse health effects caused by exposure to heat, cold, or wind

  • The organic and indigenous hazards, such as insects, snakes, and other animals
Special emphasis is placed on the basic physical principles controlling such hazards, the development of simple quantitative methods to make assessments of threats posed by these hazards, and emergency response for those affected.

Course Length: 2hrs | CFR Reference: 29 CFR 1910, Section 5 (a)(1) General Duty Act

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the Environmental Injury Awareness course, the student will be familiar with:
  • Identify the signs, symptoms, and management principles for the environmental emergency patient

  • Be able to describe how the body can lose body core temperature

  • Be able to identify the 4 stages of hypothermia

  • Be able to recognize and treat local cold weather injuries

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke

  • Understand the overview of drowning, near-drowning injuries in a pre-hospital environment, and describe the effects, associated signs and symptoms, and the appropriate treatment steps for managing this type of environmental emergency

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of diving injuries, such as decompression sickness and air embolism

Written Exam
Written competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. A minimum written test score of 70% is required. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course. Students that fail the test will undergo remediation to ensure understanding.

As per company policy

Materials and Equipment Requirements

Student handbook and materials provided

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