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First Aid/CPR/AED

Overview: The First Aid/CPR/AED training module meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for training and is designed to provide training and education in first aid and CPR skills in an emergency.  The student will also receive training on the recognition and implementation/usage of the automated external defibrillator (AED).The course is presented in a low-stress environment with video and hands-on practice training to develop knowledge, skill and confidence.

Course Length: 4-6hrs | CFR Reference: 1910.151 | Course Required By: N/A
Course Objectives: Upon completion of First Aid/CPR/AED training the trainee will be familiar with basic First Aid/CPR skills as provided in the Medic First Aid® Basic Plus CPR and First Aid for Adults Guidebook, as well as use of the automated external defibrillator (AED). Participants will understand rules and receive instruction on the following elements:
  • Personal, patient and bystander safety
  • Activating the EMS or an appropriate occupational emergency plan
  • Gaining access to the ill or injured person
  • Performing initial assessment to identify life threatening conditions
  • Determining if serious warning signs are present in the responsive or unresponsive ill person
  • Preventing further injury in the responsive and unresponsive injured person
  • Providing appropriate care based on finding
  • Providing ongoing assessment and care
  • Turning over the patient to EMS or other medical professional
  • Training in the proper use of the AED
Written Exam: None required

Regulatory Requirement: N/A

Retraining: Every 2 years

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