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Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Day 1
Overview: The Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Day 1 course instructs the student on safe helicopter operations prior to arrival and departure from an offshore oil installation location.

Course Length: 8hrs | Course Required By: Employer

Course Price: $195

Course Objectives: Upon completion of Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Day 1 training, the student will be familiar with:

Key Role: Control the response to offshore helideck emergencies and routine operations (Helicopter Landing Officer)

Unit 1: Maintain a state of readiness
Element 1.1: Identify and locate helicopter operational hazards, hazardous areas, access routes and points
Element 1.2: Identify, locate and operate all relevant equipment and controls
Element 1.3: Conduct emergency exercises

Unit 2: Prepare for emergencies
Element 2.1: Respond to appropriate alarms
Element 2.2: Prepare for helicopter landing
Element 2.3: Prepare to enter the incident area

Unit 3: Control the response to emergencies
Element 3.1: Enter the incident area and work safely
Element 3.2: Control the rescue of personnel
Element 3.3: Control firefighting operations
Element 3.4: Control non-firefighting operations

Unit 4: Supervise helicopter landing and departure
Element 4.1: Prepare for helicopter landing
Element 4.2: Prepare for helicopter departure

Unit 5: Supervise cargo handling
Element 5.1: Coordinate preparation of freight
Element 5.2: Supervise loading and unloading of passengers, baggage and freight

Unit 6: Supervise the refueling of the helicopter
Element 6.1: Prepare for refueling
Element 6.2: Refuel the helicopter
Element 6.3: Shut down the refueling system

Written Exam:
Written and hands-on competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Retraining: Recommended retraining every 3 years.

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