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Introduction to Survival Craft

Overview: The Introduction to Survival Craft course is designed for offshore workers. It provides basic training for candidates in the launching and recovery of double fall lifeboats, take charge of a survival craft in emergency situations, basic boat-handling skills and routine pre-launch and post-use inspection and maintenance.

Course Length: 6hrs | Course Required By: Best practice

Objective: Upon successful completion of the Introduction to Survival Craft course, the trainee will be able to:
  • Operate davit to launch and recover lifeboat
  • Take charge of a lifeboat during and after launch
  • Operate a lifeboat engine
  • Command lifeboat using magnetic compass
  • Manage survivors and lifeboat after abandoning ship
  • Use locating devices, including communication and signaling apparatus and pyrotechnics
  • Stream a drogue or sea-anchor
  • Operate lifeboat equipment
Prerequisites: This course is intended to provide introductory training for personnel to launch and take charge of a lifeboat in emergency situations. There are no particular educational requirements. All trainees must be certified by a doctor to be in good health.

Written Exam: None required.

Performance Task: Students shall perform all hands-on exercises.

Retraining: As per company requirements.

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