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Remote Paramedics
SMS only hires nationally registered remote paramedics to service both land and maritime divisions of the oil & gas industry, including disaster situations.

SMS remote paramedics undergo the best medical training in the industry and annually participate in medical staff meetings to discuss protocols, drug therapy, and new equipment.

Training in the 5-day Clinical Extension course broadens the abilities of the paramedic far beyond the standard, land-based level.

Upon completion of this training, the paramedic is certified to operate as the “eyes and hands” of our Medical Director Dr. Donald Thibodaux.

This partnership equips the remote paramedic to perform an expanded scope of tasks, including:
  • Advanced life support 

  • Advanced patient assessment & diagnostic exams (e.g., EENT examinations via otoscope & ophthalmoscope)

  • Minor wound repair (e.g., suturing, Steri-StripsTM)

  • Advanced airway techniques (e.g., blind insertion airway devices, sedation facilitated intubation, needle cricothyrotomy, PerTrach [emergency tracheostomy device], nasotracheal intubation [nasoscope], endotracheal, gum bougie)

  • Expanded pharmacopeia including antibiotics (i.e., treatment of, but not limited to soft tissue, dental, & upper respiratory tract infections)

  • Cardiac monitoring, including 12-lead & capnography technology
These expanded scope capabilities reduce the number of evacuations because the patient can be treated offshore, on-site for extended periods of time.

 In addition to remote performance of medical tasks, SMS remote paramedics are trained in the following services:
  • Helicopter Landing Officer

  • Administration logistics and dispatching

  • Electronic medical records to capture patient reports

  • On-site drug screen collections

  • Administrative support for Behavioral-Based Safety processes

Quality starts with people, which is why we provide the best team of safety and medical professionals in the industry.

When lives and well-being are on the line, SMS is at its best.
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