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Respirator Fit Testing
Respirator fit testing is performed for employees who work in occupations where they may be exposed to hazardous fumes or chemicals.

By conducting a fit test on the respirator, the employee will be using, the company is able to ensure the mask is protecting the employee who has received proper training on how to use a respirator.
Our fit testing is done either on a quantitative or qualitative basis.
  • A qualitative test result is based on subjective information - the employee can smell the testing substance.

  • A quantitative test measures the amount of testing substance particles inside of the mask.
We are equipped to provide either type of testing based on your company’s needs.

All employees must have a medical release form filled out by a physician before any fit testing will be conducted.

All employees must bring the respirator mask they will be tested on with them at the time of the test.
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