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Basic Rigging 8Hr - Expanded Hands-On

The Basic Rigging 8Hr - Expanded Hands-On course is for employees who work offshore and whose job requires them to handle material of all shapes, sizes and configuration are provided training and education in the skills needed to properly perform this job function. Students learn the recommended safe rigging practices and procedures used for offshore rigs, platforms, boats, and helicopters as defined by API RP 2D 7th edition.
Course Price: $189

Course Length: 8hrs | CFR Reference: API RP 2D 5th edition | Course Required By: BSEE, Coast Guard, OSHA

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Rigging (8hr) Expanded/Hands-On training, the student will be familiar with:
  • Cargo manifest, reference manual, and certification tag weight load calculations
  • Vessel loading and unloading
Rigging Hardware
  • Sheaves, Blocks identification and inspection
  • Hooks, Safety Devices
  • Rings, Links, Swivels
  • Shackle inspection and application
  • Turnbuckle recognition
  • Spreader bar hands-on lifting application
  • Cable Clip identification and inspection
  • Pad eyes, eyebolts, and other attachment points
Slings & lifting devices
  • Billy Pugh Personnel Transfer basket daily and quarterly inspection
  • Safe working limits involving wire and synthetic slings
  • Sling types, configuration and angles
Procedures and Precautions
  • Load control/taglines
  • Lift Planning involving JSA and pre-job safety meeting
  • Inspection/rejection criteria
  • Unbinding loads
  • Personnel transfer
  • Sling handling and storage
Advanced rigging safety
  • Pinch points and body positions
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Advanced rigging signals/communications
  • Load stability calculations using CBT training and rigging cards
Written Exam
Regulatory required with a minimum score of 70%. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.


Student is responsible for retraining every 4 years.

Only offered at our Lafayette location.

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