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Basic, Advanced and Specialty Courses are offered.


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Courses may be provided on-site and tailored to your company's training needs.

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CORE Training Day 1 (denoted by *)   
CORE Training Day 2 (denoted by **) 
CORE Training Day 3 (denoted by ***)

Basic Training (BT) Revalidation STCW 2010 (Entire Program)
Basic Rigging (4hr) Limited Hands-On
Basic Rigging 8hr-Expanded Hands-On
Behavioral-Based Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens**
Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET)

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Comprehensive DOT Hazardous Material Shipping (see DOT 49 CFR 171-180; 16hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation)
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness***
Confined Space Awareness*
Confined Space Entrant/Attendant
Confined Space Gas-Free
Confined Space Rescue
Confined Space Supervisor
Control Room Operator
CPR Healthcare Provider Initial
CPR Healthcare Provider Refresher
API Crane

Crane Operator Basics

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Deck Safety
Defensive Driving Course (DDC) - National Safety Council Instructor-Led
Diver Medical Technician (DMT)
Diver Medical Technician (DMT) Refresher
DOT 49 CFR 171-180; 4hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation
, formerly DOT HM-126F
DOT 49 CFR 171-180; 8hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation, formerly DOT HM-126F
DOT 49 CFR 171-180; 16hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation, formerly DOT HM-126F
DOT HM 126F (see DOT 49 CFR 171-180; 4hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation; also 8hr and 16hr)
Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Drug & Alcohol Supervisor

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Electrical Safety for Non-Electrical Workers*
Emergency Medical Responder EMR, formerly First Responder
Emergency Medical Responder Refresher
Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Refresher
Emergency Medical Technician/Diver Medical Technician Combo
Excavation & Trenching

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Fall Protection Awareness**
Fall Protection Authorized Person
Fall Protection Competent Person/Industrial Rescue
Fire - Incipient (4hr)
Fire - Incipient (8hr)

Firefighting Basic (STCW-2010 USCG)
Firefighting – Combined Basic/Advanced (STCW-2010 USCG)
First Aid/CPR (STCW-2010 USCG)
First Aid/CPR/AED
First Responder (see Emergency Medical Responder)
First Responder Refresher (see Emergency Medical Responder Refresher)
Forklift Operator Safety
Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET)

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Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

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