Basic Fire Revalidation (STCW 2010)


The Basic Firefghting Refresher course is part of the STCW 2010 program. Seafarers designated to participate in firefighting operations will be given 8 hours of training in techniques for fighting fires.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be familiar with and able to:

  • Properly don a fire suit
  • Properly don and use a self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Use portable fire extinguishers to extinguish small fires
  • Extinguish extensive fires with water using jet and nozzle sprays
  • Extinguish fires with foam, powder, or any other suitable chemical agent
  • Enter a smoke-filled internal space with SCBA and extinguish fire with a fire hose
  • Extinguish fire with water fog or any other suitable firefighting agent in a simulated engine room with fire and heavy smoke

Additional Information

Course Length: 4 hours

Course Required By: USCG for STCW 2010 Endorsement

Written Exam: A minimum written test score of 70% is required. Students who fail the test will undergo remediation and be
allowed one retest. A second failure requires repeating the course before they may test again. Students must satisfactorily perform hands-on evolutions as required by USCG assessments.

Retraining: Student is responsible for retraining every 5 years.

Location: Only offered at our Lafayette location.

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