Fall Protection Awareness

**This course is part of CORE Training Day 2.


The Fall Protection Awareness module fulfills basic requirements for those employees who may be exposed to hazards involving falls. The module further fulfills the basic requirements outlined in Occupational Safety and Health guidelines, Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR 1926.501, 29 CFR 1926.502 and 29 CFR 1926.503.

This program shall enable each employee to recognize the hazards of falling. Each employee will be trained to follow procedures created to minimize hazards from falls.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Fall Protection Awareness training, the student will be familiar with:

  • Fall categories
  • Fall Protection systems
  • Definitions associated with Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor systems
  • Rescue and escape systems
  • Use and care of Fall Protection Equipment

Additional Information

Course Length: 2 hrs

Course Required By: OSHA

CFR Reference: 29 CFR 1926.501; 29 CFR 1926.502; 29 CFR 1926.503

Written Exam: Written and hands-on competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Students must be able to make the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems, put on a full body harness, and know the methods of using a full body harness. The student must also be able to demonstrate the use of a full body harness, properly inspect and store the equipment.

Retraining: Retraining is required when regulations change or new equipment is introduced in the workplace that requires specialized training.

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