IADC RigPass Test Out (SafeGulf/SafeLand encompassed)


The Test Out course provides an overview of industry concerns related to training and security. The course began due to concerns of operators not being consistent with training requirements, the significant number of RCA’s, and a high turnover rate of contractors. SafeGulf provides many benefits, such as: clear and defined minimum requirements, universal database that stores all training and photo, consistency between major Gulf of Mexico operators, and cost savings due to less retraining of contractors.

Course Objectives

The SafeGulf accreditation process will provide a Test-Out feature. The test provided under the Test-Out is to help assure the current students have adequate training and knowledge from training already provided that complies with the SafeGulf syllabus.

The test consists of 100 questions selected from material in the SafeGulf syllabus. An accredited Training Provider will conduct the test. Students must make a score of 90% to pass. Students who fail must take SafeGulf Orientation provided by an accredited Training Provider. The Training Provider must record the failing Test-Out grade (F) in the SafeGulf database and maintain the documentation.

Prior to a student being allowed to take a Test-Out, the Training Provider will search the SafeGulf database to determine if student is eligible to take a Test-Out. If the student has a prior documented Test-Out failure, the student will be directed to take the SafeGulf Orientation provided by an accredited Training Provider.

The Training Provider must record where the student received their initial training and the number of years the student has worked offshore. The student must sign the document verifying the information.

Additional Information

Course Required By: Employer

Written Exam: SMS requires a minimum score of 90%. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

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