Air Crew Ditching HUET w/ METS


The AirCrew Ditching Course is designed to offer all aircrew flying over water the essential skills required to survive a ditched aircraft. The curriculum covers civilian/military helicopters and equipment. Additionally, students will be given instruction in sea survival and rescue techniques. Our commitment to delivering a quality training program is apparent in our enthusiasm and dedication to professionalism.

Course Objectives


  • Flight familiarization
  • Pre-flight
    • Pilot briefing
    • In-flight Procedures
    • Landing Procedures
  • Safety equipment
    • Helicopter Equipment
    • Personal Survival Equipment
  • Helicopter Emergencies
    • Types and Causes
    • Auto Rotation
  • Brace for Impact
  • Emergency Procedures Following Impact
  • Phases of Emergency
    • Abandonment
    • Survival
    • Rescue

Practical Training:

  • Survival Swimming
  • Clothing Flotation
  • Swimming through Hazardous Environment
  • Five Minute Float
  • Helicopter underwater escape
    • Brace for Impact
    • Operation of Helicopter Exits
  • Procedures
    • Surface Abandonment and Life Raft Procedures
    • Straight-in Submersion with Representative Exits
    • Full Inversion without Exits
    • Full Inversion with Exits
    • Full inversion with Exit Following Another Person
  • Surviving With FAA-approved Equipment
    • Donning Inflatable lifejacket
    • Lifejacket Inflation Methods
    • Survival Procedures and Formations-HELP/ Huddle
    • Aviation life Raft- Righting, Boarding, Features, and Supplies
  • Rescue Drill
  • Location Aids Demonstration
  • Discharge of Fire Extinguisher
  • Activation of Day/Night Pyroteqnique
  • HEEDS Use (available upon request)

Additional Information

Course Length: 8 hrs

Retraining: Student is responsible for retraining every three (3) years.

Attire: Student is responsible to wear appropriate attire for Aircrew Ditching training. Work attire is acceptable as well as all necessary PPE for the discharge of extinguisher and flare.

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