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The DOT CFR 49.171-180; 16Hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation

The DOT CFR 49.171-180; 16Hr Hazardous Chemical Transportation  course will familiarize the student with how hazardous materials must be prepared for transportation. This course will teach the student how to use the Hazardous Material Table, along with function-specific training, in order to ship hazardous materials. The course will explain how to determine what is considered a hazardous materials and how it must be labeled and packaged for all modes of transportation. The course will further explain how to properly fill out the paperwork required for hazardous materials transportation and how it should be placarded for transport.

Course Price: $656

Course Length:
16hrs | CFR Reference: Title 49 CFR | Course Required By: Department of Transportation

Course Objectives
Upon completion of DOT 49 CFR 171-180; Hazardous Chemical Transportation 16hr training, the student will be familiar with:
  • What is 49 CFR 172 Subpart H
  • Construction of the Federal Code
  • How to use the Hazardous Material Table including Appendix “A” and Appendix “B” to classify Hazardous materials
  • How to properly fill out Shipping Papers (Bills of Laden, Dangerous Cargo Manifest ETC.) in accordance with DOT regulations
  • How to properly mark Bulk and Non-bulk Packaging
  • How to label non-bulk packaging
  • How to placard bulk packaging and transport vehicles
  • Emergency response and reporting requirements
  • Training requirements for the Hazmat Employee
  • Hazmat Security
  • Packaging requirements and testing requirements
  • Hazwoper
  • Work projects for most sections of training
  • Hands-on training with marking, labeling, and placarding of Non-Bulk and Bulk Packaging
Written Exam
Written final exam with passing score of 80% is required for completion. If 80% is not achieved, remediation in the material for understanding is required before completion.

Student is responsible for retraining every three years.

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