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Safety Management Systems, LLC deploys certified paramedics specially trained in remote care medicine, HSE technicians and consultants, fire prevention specialists, and offers an extensive array of regulatory and compliance training and wellness services. The Safety Management Systems Training Academy, located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a state-of-the-art industrial training facility.


Protecting Lives & Changing Cultures


At Safety Management Systems, our main goal is protecting lives and changing cultures.

We provide companies in the oil & gas industry with safety management and consulting services to promote and maintain an ethical workplace atmosphere that equally values health, safety, and environmental responsibility.



On-Site Emergency Training & Staff


Safety Management Systems provides on-site emergency medical staffing and emergency medical training to assure a safe and efficient operational environment for companies with employees in remote or offshore locations.

Our personnel become an intricate part of your workforce to provide services that further contribute to safety, health, and operational efficiency.



World Class Technology


Whether your company requires new construction inspection services or ongoing maintenance inspection services, we provide the services you need today and in the future.


Occupational Health

Providing a Healthier Workforce


A successful company needs healthy employees to maintain a productive work environment. That’s why occupational health and testing services are a wise investment.

The Occupational Health and Wellness division at SMS offers a complete package of occupational health and wellness testing services, including Health and Wellness Specialists who serve to educate and motivate employees on the adoption and maintenance of healthier lifestyle habits.


Industrial Hygiene

Proper Protocol Compliance


The SMS Industrial Hygiene (IH) team provides comprehensive IH services in oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial/commercial and environmental remediation industries. After undergoing rigorous best-practice and mandated training, IH technicians are then mentored by senior supervisors/IH managers throughout their SMS career.


Confined Space Rescue

Real-Life Simulations


Safety Management Systems personnel are highly trained, certified and consistently focused on proper safety procedures. Our confined space and high angle rescue experts are able to operate in dangerous atmospheres that require breathing air equipment. They are first-aid, CPR and EMR certified.

Our experts are also instructors for industrial rescue and other courses – guaranteeing the highest level of performance and adding value to your project.



Prioritizing Safety


In addition to worker safety and medical attention, job site security is a top priority. By protecting your employees and property, your day-to-day operations are made safer.

We offer a full spectrum of security and monitoring solutions, including manned and video security, virtual guards, GPS-based fleet tracking and monitoring and personnel monitoring. Whether offshore, on a construction site or at a refinery, SMS provides peace of mind with wide-ranging security options.


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