Industrial Medical Services

On-Site Medical Staffing and Clinics

The Best in the Business

Safety Management Systems provides on-site emergency medical staffing and emergency medical training to assure a safe and efficient operational environment for companies with employees in remote or offshore locations. Our personnel become an intricate part of your workforce to provide services that further contribute to safety, health, and operational efficiency.

With our sister company, Acadian Ambulance, SMS has more than 40 years of experience in emergency medical services. All EMTs and paramedics are NREMT-certified. As a CAAS-accredited ambulance company, Acadian has earned the industry’s highest gold-standard seal of approval.

Onshore and Offshore

We Can Save Lives Anywhere

SMS hires only nationally registered remote and industrial paramedics to serve upstream, midstream, and downstream companies in the energy industry, along with disaster situations. Our paramedics are trained and equipped for offshore rigs, industrial construction sites, and remote locations. SMS paramedics undergo the best medical training in the industry, broadening their abilities far beyond the standard. Upon completion of a clinical extension course, paramedics
are approved to operate under SMS’ medical director. The combination of top-notch expertise, training, and our state-of-the-art equipment sets SMS paramedics apart from the competition.


Occupational Medicine

Treating Patients

Safety Management Systems provides on-site emergency medical staffing, training, and project management to assure a safe and efficient operational environment.

SMS occupational health expertise helps to ensure compliance and provides peace of mind for companies and employees alike by providing pre-employment
screening, medical care, and other industrial hygiene and safety solutions. Our preventative care works to identify and address health risks before they become debilitating, minimizing company costs and keeping employees at work. The total cost of absence for employees on medical leave is typically far
higher than medical payments, making occupational health programs a sound investment for organizations.  With extensive experience across industries, SMS leads the way in promoting safety in a variety of working environments. From oil platforms to warehouses and industrial sites, our team has the experience and expertise to provide the best occupational health solutions for virtually any setting.

With SMS first responders on-site, your employees can receive ER-level treatment without having to go home or to a clinic, cutting down on lost time.

The partnership that exists between the medical director and remote paramedics enables them to perform:

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Minor wound repair
  • Advanced airway management
  • Pharmacology of common & recurring antibiotics
  • Cardiac monitoring, including 12-lead technology

These expanded capabilities reduce the number of medical evacuations needed, because the patient can be treated offshore or on-site for extended periods of time.

In addition, our paramedics can be cross-trained for:

  • Helicopter landing officers
  • Administration, logistics & dispatching
  • Electronic medical records
  • On-site drug screen collections
  • Administrative support for behavioral-based safety processes

Quality starts with people, which is why we focus on providing the best team of safety and medical professionals in the industry.

When worker lives and well-being are on the line, SMS is prepared and capable of handling any situation.