No Distance Too Far

Treating Patients Remotely

Under the guidance of Dr. Thibodaux, SMS remote paramedics provide the highest level of occupational medicine in the industry. Telemedicine allows for remotes paramedics to treat patients and send emergency medical information over a secured network from the most isolated locations or offshore.

By bringing critical components of healthcare together, SMS is investing in advancing healthcare, reducing unnecessary transports and evacuations and retaining and recruiting skilled labor by keeping workers well.


Our telemedicine services:

  • Enhance patient care
  • Minimize LTIs, medical transports & OSHA recordables
  • Provide real-time consulting, remote medical exams & remote medical procedures
  • Extend our medical reach across the globe
  • Include individual health assessments and proactive health & wellness plans from registered and practitioner nurses

Exercise regimens, sleep and stress management, tobacco cessation and supervision of chronic conditions can all be managed remotely.