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Patient care can be enhanced with a telemedicine component to supplement the remote paramedic.

SMS has enhanced patient care since the implementation of telemedicine in the early '90s. Medical Director Dr. Donald Thibodaux and remote paramedics partnered to administer the highest level of occupational medicine in the Gulf of Mexico. As an international leader providing lifesaving services in the oil & gas industry, SMS continues to promote worksite health with the addition of telehealth. Telehealth includes an advanced video conference system using virtual examinations, which allows a variety of medical professionals to examine, diagnose and treat employees in remote areas of the world. By bringing critical components of healthcare together, SMS invests in advancing healthcare and reducing unnecessary transports and evacuations.


Telehealth will increase:

• Patient access
• Quality of care
• Chronic disease management
• Health and wellness
• Retention and recruitment of skilled labor

Whether the situation is emergent or minor, patients have 24/7 access to a network of more than 1200 board certified physicians and specialists.

Medical professionals can remotely assist in:

• Performing examinations
• Conducting diagnostic testing
• Following the improvement of treated conditions

The FDA-approved telemedicine unit projects high-resolution images in real-time for accurate assessment. Using two-way video, the physician conducts visits with the remote paramedic’s assistance.

Virtual medical tools contribute to accurate examinations,
such as:

• A special electronic stethoscope for listening to the heart,
lungs, and abdomen
• An otoscope to view inside the ears, nose, and throat
• A high-resolution camera to magnify the skin for
• A hand-held clinical blood analyzer called iSTAT for lab

Proactive health programs are only a call away with science driven and personalized wellness plans available through our telehealth system. Nurses, both registered and practitioner, can provide instructions from thousands of miles away through health assessments for each individual patient.

Health and wellness plans include:

• Exercise regimens
• Sleep and stress management
• Tobacco cessation
• Chronic condition supervision, such as for diabetes and
high blood pressure

All patients receive a personalized portable emergency medical card with each patient’s health information. The information on the card is stored on a secured server and updated remotely.

SMS partners with US Telehealth/CrewCare to bring you the most advanced patient care around.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you provide your offshore employees with the best care, both on the rig and from a distance.


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