Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Refresher


The Emergency Medical Responder Refresher is required to renew certification every two years. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will meet requirements to recertify as an Emergency Medical Responder with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (LA BEMS).

Additional Information

Course Length: 16 hrs


  • Must be in good physical health and able to perform the duties of an Emergency Medical Responder.
  • Professional rescuer level CPR (AHA BLS) as required by LA BEMS, as well as NREMT for EMR Recertification, is included in this course. 
  • Prospective students must complete the criminal background affidavit in their own handwriting.  Prospective students must have all misdemeanor and felony convictions reviewed by the EMS Certification Commission and by the LA BEMS (if applicable). They may not have a physical or psychological dependence on any substance other than those recognized as therapeutic treatments for valid medical conditions for which they are currently under the care of a physician. The applicant must also agree to an investigation by the sponsoring agency to verify these facts if the agency sees fit to initiate such an investigation.

Written Exam
Emergency Medical Responder Refresher final exam minimum passing score is 70%.

Performance skills, such as long bone stabilization, bag-valve mask, patient assessment, oxygen administration, soft tissue injury and airway management will need to be performed to complete the program.

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