Medical Care Provider (MCP) (STCW 2010) (formally MFAP)


The Medical Care Provider (MCP) course is designed for personnel who have already completed an 8hr First Aid/CPR (STCW-2010 USCG). This course is similar to a DOT first responder, with some added medical information, such as basic pharmacology and gynecology. See course objectives for additional course topics.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Medical Care Provider (MCP) training, the student will be familiar with:

  • Perform CPR at the healthcare provider level
  • Learn basic pharmacology
  • Utilize an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Childbirth
  • Manage airway problems
  • Assembling a basic first aid kit
  • Manage airway problems
  • Use oxygen delivery devices and apply oxygen
  • Basic nursing principles of a sick bay
  • Monitor blood pressure and vital signs
  • Identify psychological/psychiatric problems
  • Perform initial and ongoing patient assessment until advanced care arrives
  • Manage burn injuries
  • Basic fundamental documentation of emergency medical care
  • Spinal injuries
  • Manage bleeding emergencies and splinting potential fractures and related injuries
  • Toxicological hazards

Additional Information

Course Length: 40 hrs

Course Required By: United States Coast Guard designated person who is in charge of medical care

CFR Reference: 46 CFR 10.205 (h) (1) (ii); 46 CFR 10.205 (h) (2) (iii); 46 CFR 10.205 (I) (2) and (3) (iii) 

Written Exam: MFAP final exam minimum passing score is 70%.

Performance skills such as CPR, AED, bag-valve mask, patient assessment, oxygen administration, soft tissue injury, splinting and airway management will need to be performed to complete the program.

Retraining: Every five years

Location: Only offered at our Lafayette location.

Prerequisites: First Aid/CPR STCW-95 8hr (STCW-2010 USCG) completion

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