PEC Training


PEC Training covers 3 separate areas of training to work in the offshore and petrochemical industry.

  1. “Basic Safety Awareness Orientation” contains four (4) modules, each with a different goal in mind:
    • Module 1 covers “General Safety” and involves informing the student about attitude, contraband, accident reporting, short service employees, office safety, adverse weather conditions, driving safety and PPE.
    • Module 2 covers Hazard Communications, Occupational Health and Specialized work procedures.
    • Module 3 covers Fire Safety, Material handling, First Aid and the Environment.
    • Module 4 covers Process safety Management, Emergency response Plans, Elevated Work, Confined Space Safety, Electrical Safety and Excavation Safety.
  2. The second area of training coverage is Offshore Orientation, which will provide a student with an understanding of what they will need in preparation for a trip offshore, general knowledge in safely transferring on and off of a platform by helicopter and by vessel, how to react in emergency situations and what to do in case of abandonment.
  3. The third area of instruction has to do with today’s new threat of Terrorism. The Terrorism Response Awareness Program will let the student know things he should be aware of in reference to the new danger of terrorism in the petrochemical industry. It will give the student a general awareness of what to look for and how it should be reported and some of the new program concepts that will be coming in the future.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of PEC training, the student will be familiar with:

  • Information in reference to general safety in the petrochemical industry
  • The use of PPE is important and required in the industry along with their inherent dangers and how to handle hazardous materials
  • General guidelines of working in an offshore environment
  • Know what to do in case of a forced landing or platform abandonment
  • Awareness of possible terrorist threats in the oilfield

Additional Information

Course Length: 6 hrs

Course Required By: Offshore production/drilling operations

Written Exam: PEC required with a minimum score of 80%. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with trainee to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Trainee must demonstrate ability to use “Swing Rope.”

Retraining:  Required retraining is dependent upon company-specific guidelines.

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