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Diver Medical Technologist (DMT)

The Diver Medical Technologist (DMT) course is an extensive 5-day program designed to convey pertinent medical and operational information to divers who may be required to evaluate and treat diving accidents. Students receive substantial theoretical and practical instruction in patient examination, recognition of DCS and AGE, field management of diving casualties, evacuation and treatment of diving accident victims, hyperbaric chambers and treatment procedures, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Students also receive instruction in advanced invasive techniques and procedures, including airway management (endotracheal intubation), nasogastric tubes, intravenous and intramuscular injections, Foley catheterization, and suturing. Students will have the opportunity to operate a recompression chambers and experience working in a treatment chamber under actual hyperbaric conditions.

Course Price: $1034

Classroom/Didactic - Lecture: 55hrs DMT

DMT Training
Review of Diving Physics, Anatomy/Physiology of the Ear and Hearing, Barotraumas (Squeeze and External Otitis), Inner Ear Barotraumas, Anatomy of the Chest, Respiratory Physiology, Physical Examination of the Chest, Pulmonary Over inflation Syndromes, Bubble Theory, Decompression Sickness, Neurological Examination, Treatment Table Review, Adjunctive Therapy, Drugs and Diving, Altitude Decompression, Physical Examination of Divers, Women and Diving, Central Nervous System Oxygen Toxicity, Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity, Hypoxia, Carbon Dioxide Retention (Hypercapnia), Inert Gas Narcosis, Effects of Carbon Monoxide Toxicity, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Breath Hold Diving, Drowning and Near Drowning, Hypothermia, Underwater Work Hazards: Blasts, Shocks, Toxic Gas Exposure, Underwater Work Hazards: Dangerous Marine Life, Differential Diagnosis of Diving Accidents, Saturation Diving and High Pressure Nervous Syndrome, Dysbaric Osteonecrosis, Insertion of IV's, IO’s, Medication Administration, Suturing, Electrocardiograms, Hearing Conservation Program and Medical Exam, Hands-on practical exams conducted in a highly stressed with frequent "Simulations" performed by the students to demonstrate understanding of the management of diving and non-diving situations.

Proof of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Training, Fit for pressure medical evaluation

Written Exam
Students must pass a final written examination in order to receive certification.

After two years

Only offered at our Lafayette location.

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