Occupational Health

Providing a Healthier Workforce


A successful company needs healthy employees to maintain a productive work environment. That’s why occupational health and testing services are a wise investment.

The Occupational Health and Wellness division at SMS offers a complete package of occupational health and wellness testing services, including Health and Wellness Specialists who serve to educate and motivate employees on the adoption and maintenance of healthier lifestyle habits.

Pre-Employment & Maintenance Services

Testing and Screening

Packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your company for hiring purposes and current employees. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, the SMS Training Facility has wellness suites available for a number of services.

Coordinator & Coaches


By encouraging and promoting a healthier lifestyle for your employees, you can take a proactive approach to reducing health risk factors while maintaining team morale. Staff occupational coordinators and coaches can work with your employees to encourage and promote proactive, preventative healthcare.

Services include: educating participants about their health status and risk factors; addressing food, nutrition, safety and fitness; recommending behaviors to decrease or control health risk factors; rewarding health successes; and much more.

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