Prioritizing Safety


In addition to worker safety and medical attention, job site security is a top priority. By protecting your employees and property, your day-to-day operations are made safer.

We offer a full spectrum of security and monitoring solutions, including manned and video security, virtual guards, GPS-based fleet tracking and monitoring and personnel monitoring. Whether offshore, on a construction site or at a refinery, SMS provides peace of mind with wide-ranging security options.

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Video Security

Asset and Personnel Security

Our sister company, Acadian Total Security, provides video monitoring solutions using advanced technology. We keep an eye on your business and assets, monitor compliance, look for early signs of security breaches, and can even use two-way voice technology to deter violations.

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GPS & Fleet Security

Not Just Location Tracking

Safety Management Systems and Acadian Total Security use a variety of advanced GPS solutions to help clients increase productivity, safety and security. Our customized mobile monitoring solutions include automatic alerts to improve your communications and reporting, decrease operating expenses and accidents, and reduce nearly all costs associated with fleet maintenance.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the energy industry has a safe work environment and the knowledge to perform their duties safely.

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Manned Security

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

SMS’ manned security restricts job site access while keeping daily records of all activity. All guards are properly licensed and fully insured and can contribute administrative support and medical first aid on-site.

Our Guards:

  • Control access to your work site
  • Ensure that all policies and rules are followed
  • Monitor proper use of personal protection equipment
  • Inspect vehicles before entering or leaving location
  • Receive and maintain all chemical material safety data sheets
  • Monitor weather alert radios

Site Administrators

On-Location Security

Our site administrators assist with on-site orientations and safety meetings to ensure all employees are aware of any potential hazards. They also monitor location sign-ins to confirm all personnel are accounted for. Using the Site-Secure software, we provide guard post visitor management, including vehicle and passenger logs, incident reports and risk assessments.

Additional training for site administrators can include medic, first aid, or AED courses, H2S training, and drilling/completions operations and locations courses. Our certified safety technicians, paramedics, H2S technicians and security guards can also perform site administration functions at some locations.