Anchor Handling Safety


The Anchor Handling Safety program is an excellent tool to familiarize new crew members with the job requirements and safe work practices necessary for working in the maritime industry and towing vessels such as: Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS) and Normal Towing Vessel (Tug). It is also invaluable as a training resource to reinforce safe work habits for existing employees.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Anchor Handling Safety course, the student will be familiar with:

  • Onboard duties and responsibilities
  • Work policies and procedures
  • Safety policies and practices
  • Emergency response
  • Injury prevention
  • Safe decking practices
  • Line handling

Additional Information

Course Length: 4 hrs

Course Required By: Company-specific

Written Exam: Written and hands-on competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Retraining: Student is responsible for retraining every year.

Prerequisite: None

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