At the Acadian Companies annual meeting, Remote Paramedic Jonathan Blackwell was recognized as Safety Management Systems (SMS) Remote Paramedic of the Year for 2023.

2023 POY

Blackwell’s career in EMS began in 2003 as a firefighter in Magee, Mississippi. He worked as an EMT-Basic until 2015, then advanced to Paramedic. Blackwell joined the SMS team in August 2020, where he was initially hired to assist with COVID-19 mitigation during the peak of the pandemic. Today, Blackwell is a valuable asset to one of the company’s largest clients in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since joining the SMS team and working in the Gulf of Mexico, Blackwell has significantly impacted the lives of those he serves. His unique ability to quickly identify serious signs and symptoms is a direct result of his thorough initial assessments, which he believes are essential. Recently, Blackwell demonstrated his outstanding clinical skills by treating and saving three patients who presented with life-threatening conditions within 72 hours. Once the patients were onshore and hospitalized, it was discovered that one suffered a pulmonary embolism, another had to undergo emergency surgery to remove his appendix, and the third received care for stroke-like symptoms. Without Blackwell’s thorough assessment and treatment of each individual, these outcomes could have been vastly different. 

“Jonathan remains humble despite his remarkable achievements,” SMS President Scott Domingue stated. “He is a dedicated firefighter and paramedic who takes great pride in what he does, and his accomplishments are a testament to his skill and dedication to the field of EMS. He is an outstanding representative of SMS’ core values, and we are proud to have Jonathan on our team and honor him as the SMS Paramedic of the Year for 2023.”

In addition, Blackwell serves as a Lieutenant for the Mendenhall Fire Department and a Paramedic Supervisor at the Covington County Hospital in Mississippi. 

Congratulations, Jon!







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