Each year, Acadian recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care.

Meet our 2024 Paramedic of the Year!

Jon Anderson, Paramedic


Jon became an EMT in 2008 started with Acadian Ambulance as a paramedic in 2012, working in Jackson County, MS. In 2014, he transferred to Safety Management Systems as a Remote Paramedic. He is currently contracted to BP and works on their biggest asset, Thunderhorse. 

Jon consistently and meticulously follows clinical practices and documentation standards. Hen demonstrates a strong work ethic by doing what is required promptly and thoroughly, without cutting corners. He is recognized as one of the most organized and self-motivated medics offshore by his peers.

Jon has built impressive relationships with OIMs and senior BP officials, indicating respect and trust in his capabilities, and has received high praise from OIMs, highlighting his exceptional performance. He was commended for his ability to deliver perfect reports and prepare for patient transfers efficiently, making the flight crew’s job much easier. Jon maintains a high level of competence through continuous skill enhancement and education.

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