Key Account Manager Michael Fuentes says “Connie has recently been assigned to one of my key accounts. I have found she clearly demonstrates three of the five SMS values: 1) owns it every day, 2) always is a team player, and 3) demonstrates a passion for her job. She has quickly provided badly needed support that allows me to concentrate on growing this account, find clients and ensure the accuracy of our billing processes. It was a recognized and immediate effect!” Congratulations Connie!

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AC: Describe a typical day at work.

CT: As a billing specialist, your days are usually already planned as to what you will be working on that day. Life is spent in two week intervals and goes by quickly. Sometimes special projects get thrown into the mix and then you’re faced with the challenge of finding the time to get it done and stay on task with regular scheduled work.

AC: How do you get pumped up for the day?

CT: First thing is first, COFFEE, then good morning greetings to co-workers in passing. I think great office atmosphere and a friendly gesture makes a great start to anyone’s morning.

AC: What was the best vacation you have ever taken?

CT: One trip to Walt Disney World a long time ago.

AC: Describe yourself in one sentence.

CT: Friendly, kind and always willing to help.

AC: What is your favorite thing about your job?

CT: Knowing that I am part of a great team and company. Being able to help the employees with their payroll needs while they focus on doing the great things they do out there.

AC: What food could you live on for a month?

CT: Mexican food

AC: How do you stay motivated at work?

CT: With so much to do and accomplish, how can I not. I feel good at the end of the day knowing I accomplished everything I could. I don’t like leaving anything undone. Sometimes my job duties need to be done for someone else to get theirs done and I don’t like to slow anyone else down.

AC: What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career so far?

CT: I had only been with SMS for three months when I took on the challenge of payroll and billing for Liberty Energy Services. It has been challenging but the most fulfilling moment is being nominated as a standout employee.

AC: Who would play you in a movie?

CT: Sandra Bullock

AC: Tell us about a moment that changed your life.

CT: There have been several changes in my life that have lead me to the place I am now which I am very blessed.

AC: What is your favorite activity outside of work?

CT: Spending time with family and boat riding.

AC: Which talent or superpower would you most like to have and why?

CT: I would love to be able to pick up a paint brush and paint just about anything. I think it’s beautiful and peaceful.

AC: What was the best advice you were ever given?

CT: Stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason. You will end up where you are meant to be, just have faith.

AC: Do you have a bucket list? What are the top three things on it?

CT: Attend CMA Awards, vacation for a month on a ranch and to visit Montana

AC: Do you have any pets? What are their nicknames?

CT: Yes, a Jack Russell named Alexis Nicole but we all call her Sissy.

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