Medical emergencies happen. Are you prepared?  

It can be difficult to determine if a patient is experiencing cardiac arrest or a heart attack. An automatic external defibrillator (AED) can help you determine the next course of action. With the press of a button, the AED will instruct you to either continue CPR or prepare to shock the patient’s heart back into a normal rhythm. The survival rate can increase from 5% using CPR to 75% when an AED is used for 4-6 minutes. Having an AED in your home or office will save lives.

Did you know that Safety Management Systems provides various medical supplies to assure you’re ready for basic medical emergencies? From first responder bags and vehicle emergency kits to fully stocked first aid cabinets and AEDs, we offer the most affordable medical supplies in Louisiana. Our partnership with several hospitals through our sister company, Acadian Ambulance, allows us to keep costs low, passing those savings on to your organization.     

Don’t risk it, be prepared. 

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