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Congrats to SMS Standout Rebecca Gafford

Congratulations to our SMS Standout Rebecca Gafford. Rebecca is being recognized for her investment in our infusion site projects since their onset. She has demonstrated commitment and determination every day. As the lead in Amite, she arrived on September 28th and was at one of our sites every day (except holidays) until February 15. Rebecca assisted with many unrecognized tasks of “the behind the scenes” components of the project. She always reached out to other RNs offering support and encouragement at every step of the project and was ready to find a solution to any problem that presented itself. Her teams made it through winter in a tent and she never complained! When a new site was to mobilize quickly in Thibodaux, she jumped on board and opened it successfully. When a 3rd site needed her skills and expertise, she did not hesitate to head north for the remdesivir pilot. Her integrity and fortitude were unsurpassed. Thank you, Rebecca, for your commitment and passion for your job! Great work!