Safety Specialist Gabe Armond was recently nominated for an SMS Standout by field support supervisor Michael Henry for customer recognition.

The customer says, “To touch on some key accomplishments and successes throughout the year, Gabe has entered numerous fountain reports, hazardous waste disposable backhauls, facilitated Sunday’s operations safety meetings and maintained daily helicopter host and responsibilities. His work is exceptional due to the fact that Gabe was able to uphold his roles and responsibilities as construction HSE lead while filling in as Shell HSE lead.”


AC: Describe a typical day at work.
GA: A typical day starts off with the facilitation of a SIMOPS meeting followed by our daily safety meeting. From there I make rounds on deck addressing any safety concerns the crews may have. I must admit, we have a great, experienced crew who bring up any safety concerns or issues before the job starts which makes my job very easy.

AC: What was the best vacation you have ever taken?
GA: The best vacation I have ever taken was to LongBow Resorts in Prime, Arkansas. My wife and I stayed in a beautiful secluded cabin in the Ozarks. We were able to relax, clear our minds and forget able to outside world for a while.

AC: Describe yourself in one sentence.
GA: I consider myself a people person, I enjoy being around friends and family and meeting new people.

AC: What is your favorite thing about your job?
GA: I really enjoy the individual interaction with the workers on deck.  These people work so hard each day so if I am able to help them by making the job easier or safer, that is very rewarding to me.

AC: What food could you live on for a month?

AC: Do you have a side hustle, hobby or volunteer group that you’re involved in outside of work? What else do you spend your time doing?
GA: I love to tinke. Lately, I have been trying my hand at building electric and motorized bicycles. I am in the process of building a full size electric motorcycle for hunting.  

AC: How do you stay motivated at work?
GA: I work with a great group of people. Over time you learn a lot about each individual person. I see pictures of their kids, I even know most of their children’s names.  My motivation is that I know these children want their mothers and fathers to return home safely each time they leave for work.

AC: What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career so far?
GA: Well, it’s not one particular moment but I try hard to keep the weekly safety meetings updated with fresh and interesting material. I like to keep the people engaged and try to spark up conversation around the topics. It is very fulfilling to me when people approach me after the meetings to let me know that they learned something new or enjoyed the interaction of the group.

AC: Who would play you in a movie?
GA: The ROCK of course. Who else?


“Over time you learn a lot about each individual person. My motivation is that I know these children want their mothers and fathers to return home safely each time they leave for work.”

AC: Tell us about a moment that changed your life.
GA: When my son was born, I didn’t know it was possible to feel such unconditional love for someone.

AC: What would be your advice for future [safety professionals]?
GA: Get to know the people you are working with, earn their trust and respect. Let them know you are there to help them, don’t be a safety cop!

AC: What is your favorite activity outside of work?
GA: Hunting, cooking and being with friends and family.

AC: Which talent or superpower would you most like to have and why?
GA: My son is going to be upset with me because I didn’t choose flying, but if I could have a superpower I would have to the power to HEAL.

AC: What was the best advice you were ever given?
GA: Let the slick side slide and the rough side ride! Thanks for the advice Uncle Craig!

AC: Do you have a bucket list? What are the top 3 things on it?

  1. My wife has always wanted to go to Africa on a safari. One day I hope to make that possible for her.
  2. I’d love to cruise the coast of California in a convertible and visit the Sequoia National Forest.
  3. I’ve always been fascinated with what man is able to accomplish from a design and engineering standpoint. I would like to witness a shuttle launch. It blows my mind to think how we can design something so powerful and so advanced, not to mention the brave people who strap into these things.

AC: Do you have any pets? What are their names?
GA: Yes I have a Welsh Corgi named Huck he is awesome!  I’m also being told that we now have a rabbit named Zelda.

AC: A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?
GA: Well, being that I am currently in the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico, I would have to say he is here because he is very lost or got caught in a major rip current.  

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