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Billing Specialist Sheree Morvant was recently nominated for an SMS standout by Business Office Manager Sheila Hebert for excellent performance and quality of work. 

Sheila says, “Sheree always finds a way to get the job done – and done well. She is able to overcome obstacles by considering creative solutions and offering unique perspectives. Sheree does not hesitate to assist where needed in the best interest of the company. She puts SMS first when making daily decisions. I would like to acknowledge her outstanding efforts and attitude that have strengthened our team.”

Congrats Sheree on a job well done! We wanted to find out how else she spends her time, so here’s a glimpse into a day in her life.

AC: Describe a typical day at work.

SM: Each day is a little different and I enjoy that! It usually starts with checking emails and working on the projects that stem from that.


AC: What was the best vacation you have ever taken?

SM: Every summer my family takes a beach vacation (Floriday/Alabama) and they get better every year. Each holds special/hilarious memories. It would be too hard to choose just one!


AC: Describe yourself in one sentence.

SM: I see challenges as adventures and think the world needs less bitter and more glitter.


AC: What is your favorite thing about your job?

SM: The fun, kind, positive people I work with. We laugh A LOT.


AC: What food could you live on for a month?

SM: Spaghetti.. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad spaghetti.


AC: Do you have a side hustle, hobby or volunteer group that you’re involved in outside of work? What else do you spend your time doing?

SM: I am really good at sale and clearance hunting, I get really excited about a good deal and when I reach a surplus of items (shampoo, razors, etc.). I bundle them and donate to local organizations to be distributed to people that may need them.


AC: How do you stay motivated at work?

SM: Deadlines and coffee.


AC: What has been the most fulfilling moment in your career so far?

SM: Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. I’m fortunate and there have been more than a few, but I think the most fulfilling is when someone says “thank you for going out of your way”, or “I really appreciate that you took the time to handle this or that”. I was also nominated for SMS Employee of the Year a couple of years ago and that was pretty awesome.


AC: Who would play you in a movie?

SM: Melissa McCarthy


AC: Tell us about a moment that changed your life.

SM: It’s so cheesy, but the birth of my son when I was 19 changed my life. It set me on a path to grow up quicker than most of my peers, but I think it is part of the reason I landed here at Acadian. 100% changed my life in a good way.


AC: What would be your advice for future [safety professionals]?

SM: Complete all of your training and maintain your certifications at our state of the art SMS Training Academy!


AC: What is your favorite activity outside of work?

SM: I have two teenage boys, they keep me busy with their extra curricular activities and we also have a dog. When we do have a free weekend, we like to disconnect and visit our camp in Toledo Bend for hunting, fishing, and hiking.


AC: Name one book that inspired you professionally.

SM: 10% Happier by Dan Harris


AC: Which talent or superpower would you most like to have and why?

SM: Super speed, because I’m always running around with a mile long to-do list and I’d like to get through that check list a little quicker. Also, traffic is ROUGH in Lafayette, so I’d be able to just run everywhere. And I’d probably be pretty fit from all the exercise so that would be cool.


AC: What was the best advice you were ever given?

SM: You can’t always change a situation or circumstance, but you can change your reaction and perspective. Always look inward and evaluate the things you can control. Let the rest go.


AC: Do you have a bucket list? What are the top 3 things on it?

SM: I probably do have a bucket list somewhere, among hundreds of other lists. I kind of just decide something sounds fun and put time and energy into making it happen. Take adventures as they come.


AC: Do you have any pets? What are their names?

SM: I have a 2 year old Boxer named Eloise.


AC: A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

SM: It’s too dang hot for a penguin to be walkin around here…

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