Safety Management Systems (SMS) has joined forces with Excelerant, one of the nation’s top leadership development companies, to create the Energy Leadership Academy, a new leadership development program designed exclusively for those currently employed in the energy industry.“In the energy industry, technical capabilities often get you promoted into your first leadership position, but without leadership preparation, many new leaders struggle,” Excelerant Partner Jill Meaux said. “The Energy Leadership Academy will provide tomorrow’s leaders with leadership skills to prepare them to become the exceptional leaders of our future’s energy industry.”

Beginning Oct. 15, 2014, the Energy Leadership Academy will offer two initial programs facilitated by Jennifer Adcock and Jill Meaux, Partners at Excelerant: one for aspiring leaders who do not yet have direct reports, and another for leaders who are currently in a leadership role and have less than five years of leadership experience. The four group sessions will focus on skills essential for successful leadership: Becoming an Exceptional Leader, Being the Leader Your Team Wants to Follow, Getting the Results You Expect, and Having Difficult Conversations.

Program sessions will be held once a month, for four months, with a commencement ceremony at the end of the program.  “We are being very purposeful about the format and class size for this program,” said Jennifer Adcock, Excelerant Partner. “In our experience, we have seen that when leaders work with similarly situated peers in a small group setting, learning retention is increased. This program is specifically designed to support these participants in becoming a better leader.”

SMS President Scott Domingue explained the importance of the Academy. “The up-and-coming generations of the energy industry are willing and eager to learn,” he said. “Through volunteer organizations, such as Young Professionals of LAGCOE, it is very apparent they have one common goal – to see the energy industry grow and prosper after their successors retire. Thanks to our partnership with Excelerant, we will give young professionals the tools needed to be the best in their field.”

For more information on and to apply for the Energy Leadership Academy, please visit or call 1-337-344-4573 ext. 712.

Energy Leadership Academy is a strategic partnership between Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Excelerant. SMS is a leading provider of safety training in the United States to the oil & gas industry. Excelerant is staffed with skilled leadership coaches and facilitators and has established leadership development programs in several companies in the energy industry. Both SMS and Excelerant are focused on providing quality professional services to the energy industry and both are recognized LOGA and LAGCOE partners, as well as other industry groups.



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