Amazing job to our SMS Standout Gracie Leonards. Gracie is a COVID project coordinator and she was recently nominated for excellent performance and quality of work. Mary is working on our 3rd party staffed COVID-19 work for Garner and the city of Houston. Our customer is currently being audited by FEMA for all of the work we have done in Florida since March in which we required us to provide audit information, as well as make significant changes to our current billing process to keep moving forward. Gracie built a sophisticated excel spreadsheet that both our customer and vendor liked so much they have agreed to pick up a tremendous burden of the workload, and it has created great efficiencies and increased accuracy for all parties. Her spreadsheet will make the audit process much smoother and will help to ensure that we stay on track to receive payments from our customers. Great way to be a team player, Gracie!

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