June 01, 2016

At Acadian’s annual company meeting, Safety Management Systems, LLC (SMS) President Scott Domingue recognized Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist and Paramedic Jeremy Wilson as the division’s 2016 Employee of the Year.

The annual award is given to an employee who has provided outstanding service to SMS with a positive and supportive attitude. Wilson, who has been with SMS since 2012, serves as an EHS lead supervisor and paramedic at a client job site in North Dakota.

Wilson was nominated by five coworkers, who reiterated how well he works with team members, trains and instructs in an understandable manner, and goes above and beyond his own role to understand those of his coworkers, so he can serve them better.
“His attitude and mentality regarding his role and contribution to those he engages with, is what all team members should strive to mimic,” one nominator wrote.

Another peer recounted the time Wilson saved a life while on location. A trucking vendor alerted the crew to an intoxicated driver who hit the ditch and was incapable of extracting himself. Wilson got permission to leave the location, then assisted and successfully extracted the patient from the vehicle right as a flash flood hit. If Wilson had not intervened, the man would almost certainly have drowned.

Wilson has 10 years of hands-on oil field experience, and worked for another 10 years as an EMT, firefighter and haz-mat technician in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. While serving as a firefighter, he earned his paramedic certification.

A division of Acadian, Safety Management Systems is one of the largest health, safety, environmental, medical, security and training service companies in the United States.



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