The top priority of a senior welding inspector (SWI) is to aid and enable our team of inspectors to ensure our pipelines are built with the utmost integrity, focusing specifically on complying with the applicable codes and federal regulations. Heather Murphy is a senior welding inspector who has carved out her mark as a female leader in a male-dominated industry. She is among 1% of females assigned to senior technical level inspectors, holds multiple certifications and is highly respected among her peers. We sat down with Heather to gain some insight on the daily life of a senior welding inspector.

What is a Senior Welding Inspector?
Aside from compiling data, I am also responsible for generating weld map drawings for each pipeline, conducting weekly project review meetings, managing personnel, inspecting fabrication work to confirm elevation and that pieces were built according to specs, scheduling weld tests for contractors, reviewing and selecting weld procedures applicable to each pipeline project, meeting with nondestructive examination technicians (NDE) to discuss requirements for each project, visiting each project site to confirm compliance and be available for questions and generally encompassing anything that has to do with pipe material.


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