Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems can be a confusing set of constantly changing regulations and requirements.

In-house HSE systems are prone to internal bias that can increase your liability and reduce effectiveness. Smaller operations often don’t have enough resources for an in-house or full-time HSE advisor. Why take on all the risk and costs associated with hiring a full-time HSE employee? Hiring an HSE consultant can be an affordable option for setting proper systems in place.

There are many different ways Safety Management Systems HSE consultants can help. They facilitate the creation, implementation and maintenance of individualized HSE management plans and programs for oil and gas operators, contractors and service companies throughout the United States and the world. 

Our consultants have decades of experience with drilling, production, process, pipeline and construction sectors. We take pride in our team’s flexibility in creating and implementing the right HSE management system for each company.

  1. Safety specialists act as senior administrators or in-house HSE managers. We support client operations by creating policies and procedures, interfacing with industry regulation databases, and implementing management programs for contractors and Short Service Employee processing.
  2. We provide safety and environmental regulation assistance for a range of OSHA, DOT and EPA-compliant programs, training and policy development plans. All SMS consultants are certified according to the standards established by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. The basic certification SMS requires is the Safety Trained Supervisor, which signifies two years of experience and 30 hours of participation in formal safety training.
  3. For large oil and gas service companies and operators, we function as subject-matter experts and bring expertise from a different outside angle.
  4. The most common HSE consulting involves smaller oilfield service or rental equipment companies that are contracted with larger companies. We step in when there aren’t enough resources for an in-house or full-time HSE advisor. Consultants are able to float between clients, depending on the size of each project.
  5. We help spruce up or drive HSE initiatives. Consultants act as a full-time employee in the customer’s designated office to ensure dedication to the project. We also work with small, medium or large service companies and small operators who have no existing HSE effort.
  6. We provide cultural assessments, contractor safety management audits, production and process audits, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, and Safety and Environmental Management Systems compliance. Implementing compliance through education and understanding has helped our clients improve their performance in HSE practices and, ultimately, in their bottom line.
  7. Our HSE specialists work with clients on the executive level, mainly in the office. We pride ourselves on having a network of professional consultants. This ensures that we provide the utmost attention and knowledge to give the client the strongest HSE plan.

“When utilizing our HSE consulting services at SMS, you don’t just get the expertise of one consultant, you have access to over 20 HSE professionals. Our consultants network very well with one another,” says Key Account Manager Brett Fontenot.

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