In the last issue of The Guardian, Safety Management Systems highlighted the strong working relationship with a longtime upstream customer, Anadarko.

SMS medics and safety personnel have safety professionals, remote medics, HSE consultingcombined experience of over 100 years just with Anadarko!

Remote Paramedic Doc Krebs says, “I have the privilege to work with some of the finest people one could ever meet. After eight years assigned to two of Anadarko’s facilities, I always look forward to the next hitch.”

At least eight of our people have served with Anadarko for six years or more, with Lance Stinson ranking at 15.3 years of service. Another impressive highlight is Remote Medic Robert Hooker. While he’s worked on the platform since 2007, Robert has 40 years experience as a paramedic! That’s an impressive amount of knowledge in one place. We value these sorts of statistics with our customers. It further demonstrates our values and commitment to protecting lives and changing cultures.

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