Safety Management Systems’ Andy Long is our instructor highlight of the month. Andy is the top instructor for the Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (TBOSIET) course, which is designed to meet the initial offshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel in tropical climates.

In addition, Andy is the lead instructor for METS/HUET Sea Survival Course and directs courses for Medic First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Oxygen Administration, STCW First Aid, Incipient Fire Fighting, Swing Rope and Personnel Transfer, DDC and Maritime Security CBT, H2s Respiratory Protection, and Introduction to Life Boats.

Andy has been an instructor for Safety Management Systems since 2013 and started his career with SMS as a METS 3 Level 3 Maintenance Technician, then worked his way up to HUET Dive Supervisor, where he was responsible for curriculum content, training and evaluation of safety operations for diver activities during helicopter simulator operations.

Andy started his training career in 1997 with Cajun Divers Enterprises, then worked as safety instructor for Technical Resource Services. With 21 years of experience teaching HUET water survival and diving-related safety, Andy is truly a veteran in his field. He holds eleven professional certifications and designations including NAUI Nitrox, NAUI SCUBA Instructor, Medical First Aid CPR Level 3 Instructor and OPITO Assessor. With decades of experience, Andy brings a wide variety of expertise to his fellow colleagues in the Oil and Gas industry.

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