When an incident occurs, the first minutes of response are critical to ensure the event is resolved successfully. Even in an area where emergency services can respond quickly, it is still the initial response that dictates the outcome. Major Emergency Management (MEM) training with SMS provides hands-on without the risk. We have some of the most technologically advanced MEM simulators in the industry and our highly experienced staff come from response backgrounds including civil, military and offshore oil and gas.

Imagine the pivotal role of an emergency manager in a facility located in a remote onshore region—or more demanding still, offshore—where assistance is limited. No matter the title—a duty shift supervisor, site main controller or offshore installation manager—an emergency manager’s primary duty is identifying the problem, determining the correct level of response and ensuring the response is implemented.



Events need to be anticipated, a plan must be formulated and the emergency management team must support the manager’s decisions and act accordingly. It is critical that individuals in a position of authority on the installation receive the highest level of response training. This ensures that, in the event of an emergency, the correct protocols are followed. This allows the person in charge to delegate actions in accordance with the training they have received and to adhere to company-specific protocols.

Our courses are globally endorsed by the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO). Since our partnership with Smith Mason & Co in 2016, we have enhanced our training capability by offering a truly unique course for the upstream oil and gas industry. For the first time, we will deliver training on well control systems with the added benefit of MEM training, directed toward well control emergencies.

Two years ago, we expanded our training catalog with the acquisition of a division of Houston-based Petrofac, which enables us to provide MEM and expanded Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) training to oil and gas clients. We’ve also added an Emergency Management simulation room and training course to our Lafayette, LA facility. We are proud to offer training in two cities to better serve our clients.

The four-day EM course is designed to provide actual or potential prospects of command with
knowledge and experience. It is the first stage in the process leading to formal competency
assessment. Personnel from any background who wish to learn more about major emergency management at an operational level can take the course. It is applicable to anyone who works in a high-risk industry.

Candidates begin with classroom instruction, then simulate various emergency scenarios executed by instructors in an immersive incident command-type room. The room is complete with lights, sirens, smoke and sound effects to simulate being on location. Our trainers can simulate a variety of scenarios and work with clients to develop custom situations specific to their job skills or services. We can accommodate groups of all sizes.

To learn more about Major Emergency Management Training visit https://safetyms.com/services/training/course-listing-major-emergency-management-initial-response/

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